Swood Exclusives

Traded Society for Technology:  In-depth look at a MARS album from 2008.
The Star & Micey's of Other Dimensions
YOU ARE NORMAL IF..:  A post that lead to Piemerica's lesson theme months & Normalvember. Includes exclusive lesson rejects.
Time Inside Flowers:  Art Gallery
Equal Non-Equal Neutral Verses 0-6.5 Text Highlights
Equal Non-Equal Neutral Verses 7.1-7.10 Text Highlights
When Blue Blew Album Promos
MARS Taglines:  I take the song titles from my albums & make some poetry or a story from them as a "tagline" for the album.
Everyday Codes Cracked
Is it a good idea to body paint blind people so they can finally experience art?
Superlatives I'd Like to See
Stupid Questions with Stupid Answers
Things You've Never Heard on Your Birthday
Are These Flags Any Less Prejudice?
....Undelivered Master Cherries..

Top 3 Most Humbling Shadows (Up Close)
3 Cats Who Refuse To Appear On The Web Unless Compensated
2 Ultra-Rare Modest Skeletons
8 Ideas for Decorating Your Neighbor's Yard This Halloween
4 Martians that are really from Neptune
What's the worst thing you've ever done? or #LateShowConfessions
+=- Heading to the Footer
Food as clothing and accessories
Worse to do while completely underwater
Reasons cobras hate lemons

Apps we desperately need
Corpse storage locations that are worse than caskets
Piemerican Phonetic Numerals

Keep On Truckin' and...
Catching up with Michael Reyes, Emperor of Piemerica, 217 Answers for 2017
Spring Cleaning Checklist (So can you?)
Piemerica's Prank Ideas for April Fools Day
Non-Phonetic Alphabet
Getting Small Talk Slightly Wrong
Subprime Rhymes 
Lesson Related
Lesson of/for the Day Theme Months Promo 2014
Lesson Mania! now out as free eBook 2015
15 years of Piemerica's Lesson of/for the Day
2016 Lesson Leftovers

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