Wednesday, October 14, 2015

+=- Incremental High 5

Fake Channels:
Death Match Channel where corpses go on blind dates
Invisible Snowmen Channel
The Morally Upstanding Clown with a Chainsaw Channel
Bottled Water Training Channel
The Evangelize a Lost Sock Channel

I enjoy sleeping on my life bed.

I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing for you, so you can see the humor in the situation.

I hit a bifecta!

I'm an expert in uninary. It's easy, it's just zeroes.

Once & a half

You should wear grippers instead of slippers. You could get hurt!

I like that you use verbs. I can understand you that way.

"Hello" is a quote from 4,600 movies.

This is an arrow that doesn't point.
Sorry that was a pointless joke.

I'm unpopular, so I just bought a bunch of box fans at the store to keep myself from crying.

You should hang Christmas ornaments from your eyeglasses.

Wagons made of jello cotton candy

What's in the cup, strawberry blood, otherwise known as strawberry juice?

Ordered some toast online. Gotta say I prefer home made toast. It's not hot when you get it in the mail & if you re-heat it in the toaster, it burns. That's a no recurring customers business model.

Opposites matter:
I'd sure like to bone her.
I'd sure like to debone her.

I'm classy.  I only send middleless pics online.
Back in my day we only had two notes, B & B#. Before that they only had B#.

When I was a lad, Bill Gates was just Bill Gate.

It's a little known lie that most ghosts are Siamese ghosts.

You really regargoyle my onion. You know that?

KJ12:  You should write a book.
MAR:  Why? Books can't write back.