Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'ot 2 Review

Uses only & every two letter word.

Am on it.
He go?
Ok he is in. We go!
An ax?
Or "Hi" if an ox. Ha!
Is at?
My ad.
Us ad?
Uh me, no us.
Oh, of pi!
Oy, us so pa!
No! We so ma!
Yo! To?
Um, up as go go.
Ah, ya.
Do it!
Ok we go.

'ot 10 see

MAR:  Yo guy! You dig now?
(The Joe):  I dig not now.
MAR:  Let us yak on was.
(The Joe):  Ask me, yep.
MAR:  How was you?
(The Joe):  I was not how. How was me!
MAR:  Wow!
(The Joe):  I on that car.
MAR:  Hey bud. You buy rug in was?
(The Joe):  No my mom and dad did it.
MAR:  Not far leg toe got on it.
(The Joe):  No but you are gum to set so.
MAR:  Are not we all?
(The Joe):  I do not set he do but no one has got, nah.
MAR:  Gum is yay. Do you gum see?
(The Joe):  If I do I got no way to say it as is.
MAR:  I say it but you can not?
(The Joe):  I am mad at you.
MAR:  You are not. You has no way to say you are eye wet. Yes why I am the say guy.
(The Joe):  You are yep. I am so not yep.
MAR:  Cry not gus. You has yep in you not was.
(The Joe):  Cry it to up.
MAR:  Huh? Who is up?
(The Joe):  YES! It has ASK NOW! Get it you ask two & up guy and ask two & up gal!
MAR:  So 'ot ten huh?
(The Joe):  Yep, it was the day one two six ten.
MAR:  You got bad add.
(The Joe):  No, it age.
MAR:  I do too and I did too.
(The Joe):  So! I did to and I do to.
MAR:  How?
(The Joe):  I did two and I do two.
MAR:  Oh-oh-ok.

'ot now view

The 'ot now view with Sif Ab & Soup or Man? Each word has 4 char. or less!

Soup or Man?:  Join us! Here is the 'ot now view!
Sif Ab:  Our head guys told us to be nice for good time! So in best line I talk now!
Soup or Man?:  This is the year we are in. All the view is yeah!
Sif Ab:  We go go. What has been that make now is?
Soup or Man?:  My cash is on the past. It very had done. If it had not done we not over. Your head?
Sif Ab:  Was was here yet non-here.
Soup or Man?:  I true. Was was when then was yet also when now was not. How did you was?
Sif Ab:  My mom put me in this bag so I able to help work. What is your got tale?
Soup or Man?:  My dad's frog put me in this can.
Sif Ab:  So you are man not soup?
Soup or Man?:  Well my mom was soup.
Sif Ab:  No more soup she is?
Soup or Man?:  Ones can hear us so my claw must stay kept.
Sif Ab:  I yep. Your claw is town rich! I head you got that from your momm.
Soup or Man?:  Haha, you got me. Now let me go!
Sif Ab:  Fly Soup or Man? Fly!
Soup or Man?:  Not soup nor man can fly. Went was your mind?
Sif Ab:  Here
Soup or Man?:  Oh
Sif Ab:  Yes in this here
Soup or Man?:  You do keep mind in head?
Sif Ab:  Ever
Soup or Man?:  What cops make you burr?
Sif Ab:  The guns ones. They cold me.
Soup or Man?:  Does a fire dude cool you too?
Sif Ab:  I head we all know the true for that.
Soup or Man?:  But your tell pays my bill.
Sif Ab:  Which one?
Soup or Man?:  My box bill.
Sif Ab:  Who give you the cash?
Soup or Man?:  Rod Mooz
Sif Ab:  He sure does!
Soup or Man?:  No, I mean he palm me the kelt
Sif Ab:  What does cure day fear?
Soup or Man?:  Sun eye ban
Sif Ab:  When can I get them?
Soup or Man?:  On this day..
Sif Ab:  What sod doth I trod to grab?
Soup or Man?:  The ouch eye one.
Sif Ab:  More ham?
Soup or Man?:  No, I ball my big.
Sif Ab:  How can you type bad loud?
Soup or Man?:  Any loud at all.
Sif Ab:  And you say this why?
Soup or Man?:  Yes that is why.
Sif Ab:  Rub off the list for the year is not over.
Soup or Man?:  Pull over & over & over then they will be down.
Sif Ab:  Yeah like bush on edge of yard but in in for hops.
Soup or Man?:  Is this a good way to mind word word word or do you head that mind no grab on when wind is blow now?
Sif Ab:  If you are now go to dig. Dig tall, by sun down we hope up.
Soup or Man?:  Haha, I dig that.
Sif Ab:  Gray or grey?
Soup or Man?:  As a kid both. As a man else. As a soup.. well.
Sif Ab:  Well is your true?
Soup or Man?:  With more, sure.
Sif Ab:  I like your keep feel.
Soup or Man?:  I am glad for that.
Sif Ab:  And glad for me?
Soup or Man?:  Ever.. I am glad for you.
Sif Ab:  I have good glad I have no want for what you give.
Soup or Man?:  'ot five teen will tell.
Sif Ab:  Will tell you to shut up.
Soup or Man?:  Nope.
Sif Ab:  Yep.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Lesson of/for the Day Theme Months

Piemerica's Lesson of/for the Day is kicking off themed months starting in October. But as a pre-kick off I'm putting out all of the lessons I came up with that didn't fit the themes, with the themeless theme month of Sundrycember!

EVERY day of every theme month will have a new lesson!

Coming in the future
The Proverbial January
February is just the Tip of the Ice Burg!
There's also Poor Man's March & April Foolses & Wises