Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'ot now view

The 'ot now view with Sif Ab & Soup or Man? Each word has 4 char. or less!

Soup or Man?:  Join us! Here is the 'ot now view!
Sif Ab:  Our head guys told us to be nice for good time! So in best line I talk now!
Soup or Man?:  This is the year we are in. All the view is yeah!
Sif Ab:  We go go. What has been that make now is?
Soup or Man?:  My cash is on the past. It very had done. If it had not done we not over. Your head?
Sif Ab:  Was was here yet non-here.
Soup or Man?:  I true. Was was when then was yet also when now was not. How did you was?
Sif Ab:  My mom put me in this bag so I able to help work. What is your got tale?
Soup or Man?:  My dad's frog put me in this can.
Sif Ab:  So you are man not soup?
Soup or Man?:  Well my mom was soup.
Sif Ab:  No more soup she is?
Soup or Man?:  Ones can hear us so my claw must stay kept.
Sif Ab:  I yep. Your claw is town rich! I head you got that from your momm.
Soup or Man?:  Haha, you got me. Now let me go!
Sif Ab:  Fly Soup or Man? Fly!
Soup or Man?:  Not soup nor man can fly. Went was your mind?
Sif Ab:  Here
Soup or Man?:  Oh
Sif Ab:  Yes in this here
Soup or Man?:  You do keep mind in head?
Sif Ab:  Ever
Soup or Man?:  What cops make you burr?
Sif Ab:  The guns ones. They cold me.
Soup or Man?:  Does a fire dude cool you too?
Sif Ab:  I head we all know the true for that.
Soup or Man?:  But your tell pays my bill.
Sif Ab:  Which one?
Soup or Man?:  My box bill.
Sif Ab:  Who give you the cash?
Soup or Man?:  Rod Mooz
Sif Ab:  He sure does!
Soup or Man?:  No, I mean he palm me the kelt
Sif Ab:  What does cure day fear?
Soup or Man?:  Sun eye ban
Sif Ab:  When can I get them?
Soup or Man?:  On this day..
Sif Ab:  What sod doth I trod to grab?
Soup or Man?:  The ouch eye one.
Sif Ab:  More ham?
Soup or Man?:  No, I ball my big.
Sif Ab:  How can you type bad loud?
Soup or Man?:  Any loud at all.
Sif Ab:  And you say this why?
Soup or Man?:  Yes that is why.
Sif Ab:  Rub off the list for the year is not over.
Soup or Man?:  Pull over & over & over then they will be down.
Sif Ab:  Yeah like bush on edge of yard but in in for hops.
Soup or Man?:  Is this a good way to mind word word word or do you head that mind no grab on when wind is blow now?
Sif Ab:  If you are now go to dig. Dig tall, by sun down we hope up.
Soup or Man?:  Haha, I dig that.
Sif Ab:  Gray or grey?
Soup or Man?:  As a kid both. As a man else. As a soup.. well.
Sif Ab:  Well is your true?
Soup or Man?:  With more, sure.
Sif Ab:  I like your keep feel.
Soup or Man?:  I am glad for that.
Sif Ab:  And glad for me?
Soup or Man?:  Ever.. I am glad for you.
Sif Ab:  I have good glad I have no want for what you give.
Soup or Man?:  'ot five teen will tell.
Sif Ab:  Will tell you to shut up.
Soup or Man?:  Nope.
Sif Ab:  Yep.

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