Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'ot 10 see

MAR:  Yo guy! You dig now?
(The Joe):  I dig not now.
MAR:  Let us yak on was.
(The Joe):  Ask me, yep.
MAR:  How was you?
(The Joe):  I was not how. How was me!
MAR:  Wow!
(The Joe):  I on that car.
MAR:  Hey bud. You buy rug in was?
(The Joe):  No my mom and dad did it.
MAR:  Not far leg toe got on it.
(The Joe):  No but you are gum to set so.
MAR:  Are not we all?
(The Joe):  I do not set he do but no one has got, nah.
MAR:  Gum is yay. Do you gum see?
(The Joe):  If I do I got no way to say it as is.
MAR:  I say it but you can not?
(The Joe):  I am mad at you.
MAR:  You are not. You has no way to say you are eye wet. Yes why I am the say guy.
(The Joe):  You are yep. I am so not yep.
MAR:  Cry not gus. You has yep in you not was.
(The Joe):  Cry it to up.
MAR:  Huh? Who is up?
(The Joe):  YES! It has ASK NOW! Get it you ask two & up guy and ask two & up gal!
MAR:  So 'ot ten huh?
(The Joe):  Yep, it was the day one two six ten.
MAR:  You got bad add.
(The Joe):  No, it age.
MAR:  I do too and I did too.
(The Joe):  So! I did to and I do to.
MAR:  How?
(The Joe):  I did two and I do two.
MAR:  Oh-oh-ok.

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