Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lesson Mania! now out as free eBook

Originally LessonMania! was going to contain lessons both chronologically (like the website) & categorical (book exclusive). I finished it completely. I uploaded it to the publisher website but due to the high page count it made the book cost too much. I contemplated releasing two separate editions. Ultimately I decided to only release the category edition as the full paperback to save costs & redundancy. Interestingly I also cut an exclusive "About the Author" page with an exclusive image/logo used nowhere in promoting or since.

A 2nd/updated category edition was kept & worked on until 2010. Lack of sales for the book put an end to likely ever having another edition. Thus far (2015) the book has sold 3 copies, 1 to Shirt Man, 1 to Omaha Nebraska, 1 to me, the author & I got my copy last due to being broke for years. Book sales sure would have helped.

I discovered that had deleted the book from their site without ever notifying me (have no clue how long it's been gone). So with absence of sales & the years gone by I've decided to freely put out the full eBooks of both the original paperback edition & the full version which includes lessons chronologically, that was completed in 2006. An eBook version was sold on but it did not include the front & back covers. These freshly compiled eBooks have both covers & the spine added, & the full version has a color page of the lost Lesson Mania toast which would not have appeared in the paperback (the grey version appears just a page before).

Now here is the knowledge of Piemerica iced for the drinking (ice not included).

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