Friday, April 10, 2015

+=- Bending Colors

Jhon10:   Have you ever played Oujia?
MAR:  no but I almost smelled one once
Jhon10:  Where are you from?
MAR:  today

I don't read Spanish, though I speak it perfectly. I'm semi-bi-illiterate.

Well doesn't that just shake a glazed ham in the wind?

I only believe what I hear, not what I see. The bad part is sometimes I hear lies.

Texas Marco Polo:  Where are you from?
MAR:  I prefer no regional bias be in conversations, but you being from Texas wouldn't understand that oooooh!

Texas Marco Polo:  I come to you in speed of microwave
MAR:  When it is set on 80 hours right?
Texas Marco Polo:  Yup

I will not be boxed in by nouns like box or swami. 

Adjacent aces borrow your colours good lad?

Court:  I saved a turtle that was in the road
MAR:  like hiding in a pot hole?

We are from earth. This earth to be less specific.

You cloud wearing, egg thumping, Charminavores!

Large liver, small dier.

Plays, I write plays. I just wrote two plays & finished a third one.
Here comes a fourth one.... "plays"

I'm serious guys. I write plays in my spare time.

Captain M.:  And your name is?
MAR:  Nothing" "is" there 'is' only was & ever will be.  The present is an illusion fabricated by the past & paid for by the future.  The first time someone truly lives in the moment is when they die.  Because there are no moments, only momentum.  So when you live in something false like a moment you fully lose momentum & the momentum of your life ceases.  Or so a cartoony sea barge once told me.

+=- Orbit without the sun.

Hearing is like a mirror if you can hear them they can hear you right? Is that why people yell at movies?

Lori:  Are you sure you're not remembering something else?
MAR:  I'm not remembering at all. I made it up.

vanity bucket

My me loves that!

Pokes You:

My memory is so good I unscrewed my head.

I'm in IN.

Ether in Simon Gotch’s mustache oil! Truly one of the finest ideas ever put to #FFFFFF