Tuesday, July 30, 2013

+=- The Preprequel

  • You have paper on your elbows. Be careful about where your elbows are so your paper doesn't get eggs on it.
  • You want to buy fried power line posts! It is the good kind of free! There are some tars & nail on them but you can use them for riding donkey lifesize toy!
  • You like to have battered silk for fixslow? No? So you are a horned belt crunch hammer kinda guy?
  • Have you enjoyed laminated hats for rain protection?
  • I've never seen eupore or eurpe or Europe. But I have seen maps with legs on them!
  • You can't make fun of something that is already fun just like you can't make a pie that is already made!
  • I'm the kind of comedian that is never funny in conversations like this.
  • Wow you guys have names too! That is soooooohohohohohOH cooool!!!!! I totes have a name. My parents gave it to me & the BIG GOV® let me keep it (so far)!
  • Do you like cabbage on your windshield? Hey do you help your mom buy veggies like I do?
  • I don't like being censored. I never say anything censor worthy but still being cen***ed s**ks. W**t w*s t*at!? *hat *ust *ap*ene* t*e*e?
Human: How are you doing?
MAR: I feel like a shelf caught in a windstorm while wiping a chuckwagon.
Human: ooh is stormy where you are?

Monday, July 29, 2013

+=- The Prepreprequel

  • People on chat sites are always asking me to send them topless pictures. Why would someone want pictures of open jars? Why would you assume a stranger is selling preserves? This isn't 1916...yet. AD(ACE for you jerks!) is almost over. FD is on the way!
  • Do you have a gender?
  • I ate too much in the (14)60s & since then I've been a golden pirate in a land of no currency. I have a treasure chest because it is made of gold.
  • I was born in 1985 (BC) I am a mail (box, the kind you ship not the kind you get mail in) & I live in the U of SA.
  • Everyone has friends in low places because the ground is a low place & we all live here.
  • In this moment we shared you are already the best friend I've ever had. :'(
  • Piemerica is a 4th dimension that co-exists through my ramblings in this dimension.

What is your opinion on Bronies?
Brownies made by dudes is cool because usually women are the bakers.

Why are you suicidal?
Because I was in my pig's recital & had to say, "Sui sui!"

Can I see a pic of u?
I don't know are you blind?

Child: My mommy said I was stupid.
MAR: She was right
Child: Really?
MAR: Yeah just not about that.

Human: I'm pretty sure that's amusing.
MAR: You're not even confident when it comes to what you are amused by? Your parents failed you.
Human: You're not aware of sarcasm?
MAR: I'm not good with geography. I don't know much about casms, sorry.

MAR: Somehow being a critic is considered clever these days. That is like a guy with a sign pointing at a fire calling himself a firefighter.
Human: That literally made no sense
MAR: I used an existing language so it couldn't have LITERALLY made NO sense. Only something that lacks the palpability of the 5 senses could LITERALLY make NO sense to us.
Human: oh you were being literal to the nth degree?
MAR: Literal doesn't have degrees that is the point of it.

MAR: My best friend had the same name as you, weird
bootsak47: Huh LOL he did?
MAR: Oh sorry. I'm thinking of tomorrow. I've got Benjamin Button disease but instead of age I travel back in time, with days in reverse. My tomorrow is your yesterday. Tell me.. what is the past like? We can share tomorrows with each other.

Questions asked on Omegle:
Why don't you two fall in G-Rated love here?
What is the one question you always wished someone would ask you?
Set the world record for longest Omegle chat ever. I'll time it & once you pass 36 seconds you win! You'll be credited as Stranger 1 & 2 in Guiness.
Say a generic compliment to your stranger that would actually apply to someone you've never seen or spoke with before.
    My Answer:
        You are ok at using your current electronic to device or else you wouldn't be here.
    Another's Answer:
        i bet you breathe oxygen real well