Saturday, February 15, 2014

+=- Danger Keeping

MAR: Are you human?
Stranger: yes sure
MAR: I am so glad you are sure because you'd be crazy if you weren't.

Some dogs think they are people. I'd be ok if a dog thought he were a person but for 1 dog to think he is people is just insane!

Can you spell the word cube for me? I am terrible at spelling the word cube.

I'm not a know it all. I'm a know it some.

My tarp is in the corner without a mango. Which way is gum?

I put it away for danger keeping.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

+=- Noise Tickets in My Housing Larsk

I sculpt hams out of chicken fingers.

How much of your heart is see-through?

You billow puddles?

I feel like a bucket on a ledge being filmed by a statue's navel.

When I comb my shin I feel a borrowing tingle.

Someone plugged in my toaster & now I feel warms.

My carpet has lodged a thousand forgets.

I dry Middlebury's belts with grillmark juice. Of course this means I have noise tickets in my housing larsk.

Wells have smiles in them at the bottom & the top. How many wells a night do you look into? I see 14 in my dreams.

It is really hard to saw dust.

If you wrap a can in a towel you'll own 3 extra bottles in 3-6 months. It always works for me!

MAR: My favorite hark is "hark hark." How many harks can you fit into a noise made by your tire nails?
MAR: I'm counting 8 abbreviated harks there. Impressive

These glasses don't have lenses. They are made of iMobile hope scenery mist. Mist joins the water until I have a lung belly.

MAR: Problem averted. Crisis solved. Burrito fumigated.
Mabel: You don't want to be fumigated now.
MAR: Good thing I'm not a burrito then (I'm a burrita).

Sometimes it is bright outside but people always have to shine light on the inside.

That is what separates us & the toasts. We can't fit into toasters.

Shea butter sounds dumb but Che Guevara butter sounds funny.

Y'know it is like how a dog smelling fiberglass looks different than a cat smelling that same fiberglass.

I hope you can find it in your heart.. & by "it" I mean blood.

You can build a pirate hat for me to live in?

Mabel: That's really dangerous. The guy from Blendtec says so all the time.
MAR: He talks too much then.

I like being hugged by rain's dryness when it is not raining.

The clinic says you have to type four words at a time to show you are not a Philadelphia.

Mabel: Do you like it when the moon hides behind an invisible planet?
MAR: I love it SO MUCH!! Even if it never happens I love that too!

Calendars are invertebrates.

lol is scared man's bow tie?

My soft mind is hair or is hair a mild banquet?

prattle & rattle are shaped mostly the same

Check my frost. It has creature written in a sack.

Are tree carvings tattoos?

The bigger the umbrella the more likely my chin is a private area to be confiscated by milk evaporation.

A kettle was involved in an envelope crash. No one got out alive because the kettle & the envelope weren't living things to begin with.