Wednesday, December 31, 2014

+=- Renophone bilg

In 17.626 years from now aliens will be saying that Star & Micey are one the best bands to come out of Earth.

If "Love in an Elevator" wasn't already taken Star & Micey would have every possible song title with the word love in it.

Melody is so smart all of her teeth are wisdom teeth.

I've been drinking books since the days when books were dry, which is every day up until 3 weeks from tomorrow-ishishish.

Honoring God in daily hygiene is not enough, that would only be honoring him by the skin of our teeth.

I suggest you call The Police or maybe just Sting..

What time of day does your mind see?

The idea that "you can't mix apples & oranges" is why you never see a math teacher working a juice stand. Or it's because he/she already has a job as a math teacher.

On Halloween Day
MAR:  If kids come to Trick or Treat at my house.. BLAM!! ..candy right in their bags!
Nathaniel:  This is the best thing I've read all day.
MAR:  I bet you wouldn't say that if I posted it again tomorrow.
Nathaniel:  No, probably not.

I never taught my dog to sit.. because he already knew how. Amazing right? He just sorta came out that way, so did all my other dogs. And get this.. he can roll over too! Yeah one day he just started rolling in the dirt. And he even shakes when he's wet. I don't know what the point of all this dog training is. Just wait around, they'll eventually do all of it. My dog sits.. has to be 50-60 times a day. It's like I always say (for this joke) you can't teach good sitting.

see self tiger jungle moutins woods haha I think

You've gotten better at terracing baloon farm scalpels.. because you couldn't have gotten any worse! Ooooh!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Piemerica's 7 Random Acts of Kindness for the Week of Dec. 28, 2014-January 3, 2015

1. Translate abbreviations for hatless dogs.
2. Give a rowbot to someone with a rowboat.
3. Shoot some drugs.. with a gun.
4. Invent colors that can only be seen during New Year's hugs.
5. Keep other people's New Year's resolutions so when they fail this year they will be encouraged by your success & succeed next year.
6. Instead of throwing a fit, throw a misfit in front of a tailor.
7. Fill the potholes on your block with beef stew.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Piemerica's 7 Random Acts of Kindness for the Week of Dec. 21-27, 2014

1. Give someone your 2014 calendar before it is too late!
2. Let women & children off of an elevator before yourself unless they are using cellphones.
3. Start slowly taking the tinsel off of neighborhood Christmas trees.
4. Put a note in your chimney asking Santa to "Please knock first."
5. Hide your Christmas gifts in pottery so people can know the joy Link feels when finding valuables in pots.
6. Fill someone's empty covered swimming pool with discarded wrapping paper so they can have a summer surprise.
7. Mail out after-Christmas cards.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Piemerica's 7 Random Acts of Kindness for the Week of Dec. 14-20, 2014

1. Search for the Loch Ness monster in Costa Rica. He's bound to vacation there some time.
2. Clone yourself repeatedly to completely rid all homeowners of cobwebs.
3. Create a capella versions of alarm clock sounds.
4. Help a crazed billionaire rebuild Rome in a day. C'mon, it's only a day's work.
5. Create cheers for the sun to help it get up in the morning. 'Rise sun rise, light the world for our eyes'
6. Help find a home for a stray homeless person.
7. Install a free soda machine at an orphanage so all the kids can have pops.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Piemerica's 7 Random Acts of Kindness for the Week of Dec. 7-13, 2014

  1. Try to knock over hungry people by street bowling with large fruits.
  2. As a dinner guest discreetly replace your host's flatware with actual sterling silverware.
  3. Offer people rides but instead of delivering them to their destination of choice take them on impromptu vacations.
  4. Make copies of your favorite fliers to share with the world at large.
  5. Gift a deathly ill person 365 apples.
  6. Show up to play competitive sports you are bad at to lighten the mood there.
  7. While watching a film adapted from a book recite the missing narration.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Piemerica's 7 Random Acts of Kindness for the Week of Nov. 30-Dec. 6, 2014

  1. Don't give a pilot your leftover turkey.
  2. Wake up early & catch some worms so you can give them to those straggling late birds.
  3. Pre-plunge a toilet.
  4. Give hats & bumper stickers to people who don't have vehicles so they too can express their annoying clichéd opinions to the world.
  5. Keep people from sucking by stealing free straws.
  6. Program a robot to do your chores & errands so you can spare your friends by no longer complaining about everything you have to do.
  7. Collect rain water from every rain & store it in dated jars to make even the most extreme hoarders feel better about their state of mind.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Piemerica's 7 Random Acts of Kindness for the Week of Nov. 23-29, 2014

  1. Buy Pro-Bowl tickets then visit your local library & hide them in nerdy books.
  2. Replace someone's corn flakes with  gold flakes.
  3. Play your friend their favorite song on your jaw harp.
  4. Tell your friend who is inventing a toast scented candle that it won't work because if the candle gets lit it will smell like burnt toast.
  5. Let your family know how thankful you are for them by giving them a 22 turkey loaded cannon salute.
  6. If you hear someone bragging begin to out brag them so they seem like less of a jerk.
  7. Mimic someone's listening cadences to flatter them.

*Each act secretly shares subject matter with each day's corresponding lesson.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Piemerica's 7 Random Acts of Kindness for the Week of Nov. 16-22, 2014

  1. Wear futuristic clothing every time you visit your friend in a coma just in case they wake up while you're there.
  2. Attach capes to lemmings.
  3. Push someone's shopping cart for them while not giving them diet advice.
  4. Dance to people you overhear singing.
  5. Get a license plate with small text that says, "I forgive you for tailgating me."
  6. Provide local bears daily feasts so no one else will be tempted to feed them.
  7. Fly your airplane low on sunny days to help those unfortunate people who don't own sunglasses.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Piemerica's 7 Random Acts of Kindness for the Week of Nov. 9-15, 2014

  1. Invite a SWAT team to your next summer BBQ.
  2. Send a random person a text that says, "I care about you" then learn to care once they begin to respond.
  3. Get imprisoned for a crime you didn't commit just in case you would eventually commit a similar crime.
  4. While someone's suitcases are being stored in the attic sneak some chocolate into them.
  5. When visiting someone's home, whenever someone closes a door, open a window.
  6. Tell someone "You can do anything! I believe in you!" And then promptly make funeral arrangements for them.
  7. Surprise your friend in 20 years by secretly gathering up all of their favorite things & burying them in a time capsule.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

4 Martians that are really from Neptune

1. He's been on work visa for 15,762 years.

2. They only visit Mars to shop for firearms.

3. Your accent isn't fooling anyone Craig.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Piemerica's 7 Random Acts of Kindness for the Week of Nov. 2-8, 2014

  1. Play with a stray fly.
  2. Ask someone an easy question so you can shower them with praise for getting the right answer.
  3. Compliment a sandwich's beauty in the presence of the sandwich's maker.
  4. Give a flower to someone who isn't a nerd, because nerds have allergies.
  5. Cut your neighbor's grass.. some slack by not judging it so much.
  6. Rent your friends to lonely people.
  7. Record intel on everyone you know just in case an action spy one day needs your help.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fornitude Flotsams: Enornal Thirtitood

You kids & your new age slang. Wait do those words mean "age?"

Wow all those people are getting in that VW bug! It is so small. I couldn't get in there because it is not my car & they don't know me.

I try to eat lettuce but only the lettuce I pay for or am given. I'm not a thief, I use my head when it comes to eating heads.

I saw him on my tv once. I was all like get off of my tv that is a flat-screen you cad! I was polite. I used lego curse words.

I wish I weren't made of Diet Crystal Pepsi 3000 as advertised in an alternate reality on the DuMont Television Network.

I don't like being censored. I never say anything censor worthy but still being cen***ed s**ks. W**t w*s t*at!? *hat *ust *ap*ene* t*e*e?

If I weren't a sentient skillet I would sue the farm for all of its bees. They'd have to catch them because it is not a bee farm.

I'm a rebel against languages. I refuse to learn most of them.

I've got a fire in my eye. I keep tryin' by cryin' to put it out.

I KILL plants for breakfast!! Look out!

I watch lots of hammers in case they are planning something..

I have 2 lions named Kid so I can say I have kids because I hateish goats & my kids don't like being sounded like they owned.

My opinion on Bronies? Brownies made by dudes is cool because usually women are the bakers.

I wore my teeth as mouth necklaces all summer long.

Gross income is gross because I should get all my money. They better stop taxing us when we all have jet packs since we won't need streets or schools anymore.

I fought my way up the stairs by stomping the steps' heads in.

Monday, October 27, 2014

+=- The Cop Show Without Guns

It's straight ahead if you turn in the right direction.

Mal-Ice:  are you in college?
MAR:  Only if I have a basement I don't know about.

I feel like an edge on an edge in a pool with floaties.

Forever is like now & later?
Pinata casket

The world is too bright to shine because of all the artificial lights.

Anyone ever notice that emoticons are always righty mouthed instead of lefty mouthed?
: )
( :
 : ( : Frown turned upsidedown?

It's like if lights were a snack.

Well bury me in skittles..

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Piemerica's 7 Random Acts of Kindness for the Week of Oct. 26-Nov. 1, 2014

  1. Comment "lol" on someone's post *nudge, nudge*
  2. Take a shedding dog skydiving.
  3. Blow on the hot soup ordered by a table near you. Or better yet, organize a traveling soup cooling team.
  4. Donate your teeth for dentures.
  5. Give adults bags of candy on the 30th so they have some candy to give out to kids on the 31st.
  6. Leave flashlights on sidewalks for trick or treaters.
  7. Obey cheerleaders outside of sporting events by vocally encouraging animals you encounter.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Piemerica's 7 Random Acts of Kindness for the Week of October 19-25, 2014

  1. Move a neighbor's trash can 1/7th closer to the curb each day so they'll never miss trash day.
  2. Pour glue on the sidewalk of the local drug house to help the cops succeed quicker in their next raid.
  3. Park someone's car 4.06400 centimeters closer to their door.
  4. Squeegee your uncle's watch.
  5. Put one shoe on your spouse while he or she is sleeping to help them get ready for work faster.
  6. Fill a friend's back pockets with pennies.
  7. Loosen the lids of all the pickle jars in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

8 Ideas for Decorating Your Neighbor's Yard This Halloween

Decorating your neighbor's yard for Halloween is a trick & a treat, kindness & vandalism all rolled into one! Here are Eight Ideas for Decorating Your Neighbor's Yard This Halloween.

1. Drop 1,000s of spiders into your neighbor's front yard.
2. Hang any extra corpses you have in your neighbor's trees.
3. Bury your neighbor's deep freezer in their yard & crank it up to high to create a chilling fog.
4. Take a powerful flashlight & enact scary silhouettes onto your neighbor's bedroom window.
5. Find some stray black cats or boxed black kittens & feed them daily on your neighbor's front porch.
6. Instead of donating blood extract a pint yourself & use it to write threatening messages on the front of your neighbor's house & if you can get to it, their bathroom mirrors.
7. Borrow the tombstones of your neighbor's great great great grandparents to place in their grass.
8. Thaw your week's meat on their walkway.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Piemerica's 7 Random Acts of Kindness for the Week of October 12-18, 2014

  1. Remove 26 fallen leaves from your neighbor's yard.
  2. Go to your sister's house at night regularly to trim her split ends while she is asleep.
  3. Replace a sheet of paper with a real bookmark.
  4. Hack into someone's Facebook account & correct alls of the grammatical errors in, their recent status.. updats.
  5. Listen in on conversations & interject "spoiler alert" whenever necessary.
  6. Refill someone's can of soda 1/9th of the way.
  7. Pre-crack some eggs.

Friday, October 3, 2014

2 Ultra-Rare Modest Skeletons

1. She has the backbone to cover up her backbone.

2. The only organ this guy likes to show off is his 1965 Hammond B3.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

3 Cats Who Refuse To Appear On The Web Unless Compensated

1. He's fallen on hard times & can only get by on his looks.


2. She is just greedy.

3. His lawyers demanded we use the special blue dot.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

+=- A billowing nudge of unknown colors.

That makes me sad but only in my eyes. My shins are not sad at all.

Be safe out there general or I'll have to call a cat about you b/c i just love that this cat has a phone!

Most people think earth is way unboring like a reverse drill or something.

Mike:  So what's the US like?
MAR:  We have more bunny graves in the US than anywhere else in the world!

Mike:  ..i tried but i gave up
MAR:  who'd you give it to?

MAR:  oh no i didnt jst msplel somtehing! uhg 'im so embarissed
Class:  Are you now?
MAR:  I don't know when else I would be.
Class:  so do you eat nonsense for breakfast?
MAR:  I eat non-cents for breakfast.
Class:  I was quite certain on that one
MAR:  yeah only rich guys named Rich eat money. Narcissistic clods!
Class:  and you are one of them?
MAR:  No, I'm all six!
Class:  [Leaves Chat]

Oppositties:  Buddies that are opposites.

We are buds like beer cans of flowers.
My doctor says I should only drink milk from napkins.
I am looking for more fun than a cherry cart carrying barren AND barron sacklets. 

Strong!:  what do you do?
MAR:  y'know human things that you don't see doctors for

Tyler:  where have you been all my life?
MAR:  eating toast AT GUNPOINT!
Tyler:  oh no, quick, is there butter?
MAR:  Pre-melted on random pieces. That is the real torture!

Making crullers at the port?
All your barrels are waiting for you, Mr. Presifixadent?
You are ready to chase elk together?
You kids & your new age slang. Wait do those words mean "age?"

I make nonsense tangible.

Friday, September 5, 2014

+=- Six to Eight

1:  Is your birthday next month?
2: What are you talking about? I think it is pretty obvious that I was already born.

Non-portable canteens.
Half Infinity

How do you pirate chain leeches without alpha filling?

Show of hands, who has the most hands here?
Looks like its a 28 way tie.
That's a world record! I'll take your names down after the show to submit to Guiness.

Some Christians get turb'd at universalists. But what the heck is an iversalist?

He was Paris roads & a filling knelt. A frosted field of invisible colours. 3 peeple barrow toasts from their memories. Each stair was a window above an immaterial carousel. I could read their thoughts in their eyes, though we'd never want to.

If you can hear me say, "I can't hear you."

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'ot 2 Review

Uses only & every two letter word.

Am on it.
He go?
Ok he is in. We go!
An ax?
Or "Hi" if an ox. Ha!
Is at?
My ad.
Us ad?
Uh me, no us.
Oh, of pi!
Oy, us so pa!
No! We so ma!
Yo! To?
Um, up as go go.
Ah, ya.
Do it!
Ok we go.

'ot 10 see

MAR:  Yo guy! You dig now?
(The Joe):  I dig not now.
MAR:  Let us yak on was.
(The Joe):  Ask me, yep.
MAR:  How was you?
(The Joe):  I was not how. How was me!
MAR:  Wow!
(The Joe):  I on that car.
MAR:  Hey bud. You buy rug in was?
(The Joe):  No my mom and dad did it.
MAR:  Not far leg toe got on it.
(The Joe):  No but you are gum to set so.
MAR:  Are not we all?
(The Joe):  I do not set he do but no one has got, nah.
MAR:  Gum is yay. Do you gum see?
(The Joe):  If I do I got no way to say it as is.
MAR:  I say it but you can not?
(The Joe):  I am mad at you.
MAR:  You are not. You has no way to say you are eye wet. Yes why I am the say guy.
(The Joe):  You are yep. I am so not yep.
MAR:  Cry not gus. You has yep in you not was.
(The Joe):  Cry it to up.
MAR:  Huh? Who is up?
(The Joe):  YES! It has ASK NOW! Get it you ask two & up guy and ask two & up gal!
MAR:  So 'ot ten huh?
(The Joe):  Yep, it was the day one two six ten.
MAR:  You got bad add.
(The Joe):  No, it age.
MAR:  I do too and I did too.
(The Joe):  So! I did to and I do to.
MAR:  How?
(The Joe):  I did two and I do two.
MAR:  Oh-oh-ok.

'ot now view

The 'ot now view with Sif Ab & Soup or Man? Each word has 4 char. or less!

Soup or Man?:  Join us! Here is the 'ot now view!
Sif Ab:  Our head guys told us to be nice for good time! So in best line I talk now!
Soup or Man?:  This is the year we are in. All the view is yeah!
Sif Ab:  We go go. What has been that make now is?
Soup or Man?:  My cash is on the past. It very had done. If it had not done we not over. Your head?
Sif Ab:  Was was here yet non-here.
Soup or Man?:  I true. Was was when then was yet also when now was not. How did you was?
Sif Ab:  My mom put me in this bag so I able to help work. What is your got tale?
Soup or Man?:  My dad's frog put me in this can.
Sif Ab:  So you are man not soup?
Soup or Man?:  Well my mom was soup.
Sif Ab:  No more soup she is?
Soup or Man?:  Ones can hear us so my claw must stay kept.
Sif Ab:  I yep. Your claw is town rich! I head you got that from your momm.
Soup or Man?:  Haha, you got me. Now let me go!
Sif Ab:  Fly Soup or Man? Fly!
Soup or Man?:  Not soup nor man can fly. Went was your mind?
Sif Ab:  Here
Soup or Man?:  Oh
Sif Ab:  Yes in this here
Soup or Man?:  You do keep mind in head?
Sif Ab:  Ever
Soup or Man?:  What cops make you burr?
Sif Ab:  The guns ones. They cold me.
Soup or Man?:  Does a fire dude cool you too?
Sif Ab:  I head we all know the true for that.
Soup or Man?:  But your tell pays my bill.
Sif Ab:  Which one?
Soup or Man?:  My box bill.
Sif Ab:  Who give you the cash?
Soup or Man?:  Rod Mooz
Sif Ab:  He sure does!
Soup or Man?:  No, I mean he palm me the kelt
Sif Ab:  What does cure day fear?
Soup or Man?:  Sun eye ban
Sif Ab:  When can I get them?
Soup or Man?:  On this day..
Sif Ab:  What sod doth I trod to grab?
Soup or Man?:  The ouch eye one.
Sif Ab:  More ham?
Soup or Man?:  No, I ball my big.
Sif Ab:  How can you type bad loud?
Soup or Man?:  Any loud at all.
Sif Ab:  And you say this why?
Soup or Man?:  Yes that is why.
Sif Ab:  Rub off the list for the year is not over.
Soup or Man?:  Pull over & over & over then they will be down.
Sif Ab:  Yeah like bush on edge of yard but in in for hops.
Soup or Man?:  Is this a good way to mind word word word or do you head that mind no grab on when wind is blow now?
Sif Ab:  If you are now go to dig. Dig tall, by sun down we hope up.
Soup or Man?:  Haha, I dig that.
Sif Ab:  Gray or grey?
Soup or Man?:  As a kid both. As a man else. As a soup.. well.
Sif Ab:  Well is your true?
Soup or Man?:  With more, sure.
Sif Ab:  I like your keep feel.
Soup or Man?:  I am glad for that.
Sif Ab:  And glad for me?
Soup or Man?:  Ever.. I am glad for you.
Sif Ab:  I have good glad I have no want for what you give.
Soup or Man?:  'ot five teen will tell.
Sif Ab:  Will tell you to shut up.
Soup or Man?:  Nope.
Sif Ab:  Yep.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Lesson of/for the Day Theme Months

Piemerica's Lesson of/for the Day is kicking off themed months starting in October. But as a pre-kick off I'm putting out all of the lessons I came up with that didn't fit the themes, with the themeless theme month of Sundrycember!

EVERY day of every theme month will have a new lesson!

Coming in the future
The Proverbial January
February is just the Tip of the Ice Burg!
There's also Poor Man's March & April Foolses & Wises

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Equal Non-Equal Neutral Verses 7.1-7.10 Text Highlights

Equal Non-Equal Neutral consists of 6,397 words written with the intent to be the longest, stupidest, & most non-sensical song ever. It was written on various dates staring 10/27/00 & ending 11/15/02. These words were used to finally make the "song" in two albums by MARS, 2007's Besides: Equal Non-Equal Neutral & 2009's 86 minute, 41 track Equal Non-Equal Neutral. They were also collected into a book based on how they were divided on the albums.

Below are my favorite words from Verses 7.1 to 7.10. [Also see Equal Non-Equal Neutral Verses 0-6.5 Text Highlights]

Nothing is as cold as that bitter feud between Superman & some dude.
Use up all my useless things.
Cataclysmic window washing.
Airway City is under water right now!
I am hiding under the atomless floor
Stir crazy butterflies with big sticks.
Strategically planned breathing for the week.
Looking over castles face down in the mud.
Harmless asteroids destroy the earth.
Fake snow made out of melted marshmallows doesn't make a very good movie prop.
Don't pull the plug on the trees cause there'll be no air, that's what the roots really are electrical growing cords.
Pretend there's no hens in the ballroom until something goes wrong.
Bring your nominees for least likely to get nominated.
A wearing suit made of car wax, transistors, & bulbs.
Bright blue evergreens sit around a fire discussing who should satire the next wolf.
Buy some land canoes from Mr. Scoundrel.
When the farm animulls get out of control just teach them how to bowl.
That darling little seed didn't have to be so abrasive.
Shiny & dull, ready to spit.
Generation to generation of trapezoids.
Lemon eye drops for her pleasure.
Sweet flavored light liquid dust.
The mailbox across the street said, "Its only 11 more days till Major Antigovernment Conspiracy Day. So lets all join in the fun. On November 13th this year. It's a terrible thing when a building is demolished. I know I've illegally read so much mail about this. So, Woo he he ha ha hey hey Major Antigovernment Conspiracy Day. Sleep well tonight for the 13th we'll get our revenge the conspiracy way.
Solid wind blow!
Cape it's no just for Superheroes anymore!
Try triumph.

Sogg my portable star in the foot.
Homeless are not a consequence in the conspiracy against the fence.
It's lying on the floor with a giant garage collapsed by the kicking of sod.
Convoluted railing in the shape of shark's teeth means nothing if you're sleeping in the garden with a hose that spews skyscrapers.
My flat square building peels my fork, like I never even had a cat.
The stamp bill collectors are knocking up my leaf.
Lob took a slow Lee at for cool a mint.
Nothing cuts paint better than police sirens.
Synthesized hot platypuses boil in the ice pot.
Salmonella flavored arm chair covers.
Clear wood amebas wearing my shirt.
Close your chair window.
Microscopic eclipse in my bathroom.
Throw the hand parade ala mode.
Sinking band rubber eyeballs that are sharp square.
The fire blames the tire for the eggshell mold.
Frisbee who la hats here for a snake cooling
Going to the drive in with my broken jar & a standing cape.
Time sure flies by faster when in an underground box.
Before youse know it your starting to see a punching bird.
Granulated cement in your tea.
Exstroodle math singers make a request.
Ingredients are butter, pork apples, sod hairclips, chairs bolted on, maximum distance, & piece of mind.
Make me some bacon muffins or a mist filled swimming pool with a 200 foot ladder to the bottom.
Caramel courage for loaf of said.
WAR albums on leg.
Life long lasting gnomes for a ticking spider!
Electric Choctaws steaming up the woods. Revolving dinner plates all over your car hood.
Desk fence chalk slime ravioli.
Heavy done corralled fears.
Sir lid friends.
Lower a trend meat.
Teeth proof sudden bills.
Regard the thick.
Mischief answered stretched head.

It's a fundamental street sign with a love for bolt torque.
A stage song written about barb wire clots.
In the cold night I will sleep well, as my socks fight over the bell.
The hallway glistens with the sounds of dead air.
Soar men will follow apple steel cream pool.
Plates are wearing gingerbread beads.
Tape line container of sloping trot.
Mustard skiing torches leave my leg in an air of cellular phones.
Admit rather a leprechaun paper sword.
Corn mono bull add.
Sleeping ladders on the plateau.
Sleeking Pat wool sewed up a sign.
Lightpost cereal tosses Trix at cloudy dimes.
Master Bees plotting our sapienism.
Roast foreign I be, list for a knob in.
Cabbage sitting on an earthquake surfboard.
Yacht full of sand in a window wiper windmill can.
Flower bought multi-lot down my the sky.
Crumbled up bag is a name for a 2 way street. Rocks are laden with carnival seats.
The beakers have slipped on mud magnet.
Architecture barrel, shopping sprees.
Salt water hood carrot phase.
A short film deep sea diver barely fits on the projector
They could've been the best! no. why for a double? no. single mess.
Quantumsurgeiality in a thrown away paper ball.
Paintings on a calculator forged then bought.
somewhere in the lateral peace
Scrape light thievery!
Fish fin de sauder, I'm important, I'm deportant now!
Cactus morphing interface blinking stone macaroni wood.
Melt or side sign.
Pier sink tar branding.
Sighlilly kelp fit stiff applied pin faughts.
Humping froff tay singe tis Martést fat lever.
Case but close heart.
Fuss well cow sea already ever clammed.
lost sight would bust crash leer too trite.
I pan latter crying forward.
Pay Mello Crete.
Punting sow cloud La Paz fearing yen roof fizz Kind tanned either. Fair pout side loft.
Sand feel frame.
Meating leaks May. Pearing feed soul.
Wouldn't that grave I slow?
cover cup mending cans.
Trim decision nothing Kept.
Dive crum mirror thousand.
Tin mumble crown.
Towers again.
Brother lime my mall cram seek.
Clay? Seal cruthch cope door.
Brims we feet in me traces.
Tactical clean 2-way long.
Amnesia lump fork.
Guss crum feathers. Didn't easier. To retrieve land.
Flight silouhettes career.
Faith driving hurts smell.
Fact of oxyen axphiate.
Support mung.
Floor couldn't took.
Skin float feather.
Notice now ones around.
Fire pictures.
Fused planet.
I'm glad fan box.
Lines on lines towels on towels
Force sit will robot sum.
Clear alway chasing fleas into a dome laying.
Where flow here.
Brave these conceived, warn the envenoméd.
Answering even exigent.
Mistrust face parley.
Compass spur light, fourth.
Spoil hide posture.
Peevish mask set bark stomachs.
False stare commend mace.
Upon raise touch.
Mother a cynic or companion tidings.
Question power tense.
Aught art alive added.
Affection stand contribution.
Moved indirection mirth.
Trash mart bait hedge me out slight health.
Budge palm digest choler.
Gently hollow but resolved.
Appoint a wind barren objects, soon imitations.
Voice prescription drivers
Leave, walks on utterance.
Envious rent hearse mantle.
Grief with as abide issue.
Vesture napkin dent flourished

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

+=- Carrots in the Wind...

A shelf of union/onion-genated ferrants?

Billy wickers in this place of farm holes. Dirt with no sod soda.

Kerry: yay
MAR: Did you just say yay backwards?
Kerry: sure did
yay is like two thugs taking away an a
YaY is a house between large powerlines
427 looks like a groovy bus

You're my favorite cattle solvent. The coolings of the creams is what makes it so figurey. Coolings are nice when windows aren't involved. Right Largent?

I want a slidewalk without the walk instead of a sidewalk. Not just a slide but an everywhere slide.

I hear buries are colours of middles.

I got lost in the Arctic & was surprised that the tundra tasted like flame smoked grill edgings.

Have you ever agone existin'?

How to get money is to win at basket sports

My dreams are like carrots in the wind. They don't float they just fall to the dirt & get bugs on them.

MAR: bros bros sounds less manly than bros
Justin: bro slow down the weed man
MAR: How can I be expected to stop the wind? You want me to put a barn around the weed?
Justin: what happen to you dillon u used to be sombody i could trust
MAR: I changed my name to Sachel Book to show up Sachel Paige that's what!
Justin: no canada man, canada
MAR: I just mispelled canada 3 times. uanada sanada aanada & it came out as USA
Justin: that is isane man
MAR: see you just mispelled too, proving that it is sane
Justin: i cant spell to save a dying rabbit
MAR: looks like you spelled it right to me

Saturday, February 15, 2014

+=- Danger Keeping

MAR: Are you human?
Stranger: yes sure
MAR: I am so glad you are sure because you'd be crazy if you weren't.

Some dogs think they are people. I'd be ok if a dog thought he were a person but for 1 dog to think he is people is just insane!

Can you spell the word cube for me? I am terrible at spelling the word cube.

I'm not a know it all. I'm a know it some.

My tarp is in the corner without a mango. Which way is gum?

I put it away for danger keeping.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

+=- Noise Tickets in My Housing Larsk

I sculpt hams out of chicken fingers.

How much of your heart is see-through?

You billow puddles?

I feel like a bucket on a ledge being filmed by a statue's navel.

When I comb my shin I feel a borrowing tingle.

Someone plugged in my toaster & now I feel warms.

My carpet has lodged a thousand forgets.

I dry Middlebury's belts with grillmark juice. Of course this means I have noise tickets in my housing larsk.

Wells have smiles in them at the bottom & the top. How many wells a night do you look into? I see 14 in my dreams.

It is really hard to saw dust.

If you wrap a can in a towel you'll own 3 extra bottles in 3-6 months. It always works for me!

MAR: My favorite hark is "hark hark." How many harks can you fit into a noise made by your tire nails?
MAR: I'm counting 8 abbreviated harks there. Impressive

These glasses don't have lenses. They are made of iMobile hope scenery mist. Mist joins the water until I have a lung belly.

MAR: Problem averted. Crisis solved. Burrito fumigated.
Mabel: You don't want to be fumigated now.
MAR: Good thing I'm not a burrito then (I'm a burrita).

Sometimes it is bright outside but people always have to shine light on the inside.

That is what separates us & the toasts. We can't fit into toasters.

Shea butter sounds dumb but Che Guevara butter sounds funny.

Y'know it is like how a dog smelling fiberglass looks different than a cat smelling that same fiberglass.

I hope you can find it in your heart.. & by "it" I mean blood.

You can build a pirate hat for me to live in?

Mabel: That's really dangerous. The guy from Blendtec says so all the time.
MAR: He talks too much then.

I like being hugged by rain's dryness when it is not raining.

The clinic says you have to type four words at a time to show you are not a Philadelphia.

Mabel: Do you like it when the moon hides behind an invisible planet?
MAR: I love it SO MUCH!! Even if it never happens I love that too!

Calendars are invertebrates.

lol is scared man's bow tie?

My soft mind is hair or is hair a mild banquet?

prattle & rattle are shaped mostly the same

Check my frost. It has creature written in a sack.

Are tree carvings tattoos?

The bigger the umbrella the more likely my chin is a private area to be confiscated by milk evaporation.

A kettle was involved in an envelope crash. No one got out alive because the kettle & the envelope weren't living things to begin with.