Tuesday, October 14, 2014

8 Ideas for Decorating Your Neighbor's Yard This Halloween

Decorating your neighbor's yard for Halloween is a trick & a treat, kindness & vandalism all rolled into one! Here are Eight Ideas for Decorating Your Neighbor's Yard This Halloween.

1. Drop 1,000s of spiders into your neighbor's front yard.
2. Hang any extra corpses you have in your neighbor's trees.
3. Bury your neighbor's deep freezer in their yard & crank it up to high to create a chilling fog.
4. Take a powerful flashlight & enact scary silhouettes onto your neighbor's bedroom window.
5. Find some stray black cats or boxed black kittens & feed them daily on your neighbor's front porch.
6. Instead of donating blood extract a pint yourself & use it to write threatening messages on the front of your neighbor's house & if you can get to it, their bathroom mirrors.
7. Borrow the tombstones of your neighbor's great great great grandparents to place in their grass.
8. Thaw your week's meat on their walkway.

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