Friday, January 22, 2016

15 years of Piemerica's Lesson of/for the Day

Today's the 15th anniversary of Piemerica's Lesson of/for the Day. In those 15 years there have been 2,272 lessons. Right now I've had 512 consecutive days with a new lesson. To Sadebrate here is the top lesson of each year!

2001:  Some people will never learn. The sad thing is most of those people go to school.
2002:  If you have a problem don't use an escalator.
2003:  When arguing at sea don't go overboard.
2004:  Up & Down are opposites & that's why they like each other.
2005:  Remember always safety first.. well actually always remember first.
2006:  Lighting in the sky is like God taking pictures of us.
2007:  Not all hillbillies are named Billy but they are all related to him.
2008:  Super is supper with one ‘p’ that is how good supper is you see.
2009:  In athletics often pros are cons.
2010:  There are stupid questions but stupid questions are better than stupid statements.
2011:  Fun Food Fact: The Hamburger was named after the French and Indian War.
2012: They say "diamonds are a girl's best friend." Unfortunately for most girls they are imaginary friends.
2013:  Every cloud has a silver lining except the ones drawn with the cheap box of crayons. Those just have gray linings that we pretend are silver.
2014:  You are rich if you hire a narrator to narrate all of your actions just in case your actions don't speak louder than your words.
2015:  You are weird if you fear death.. will never find a good woman to settle down with.

& here is what I consider the greatest lesson of all time.
If a thug draws a knife on you wash it off.

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