Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Everyday Codes Cracked

To Star & Micey
I cracked the code in your album. I took every 3rd word from each song then every fourth word & every fifth word minus the last two songs & got your secret message. & here it is for everyone to see!!

You was the me.
The unknown night fire all in love.
A frontseat smiles sky to when baby.
In the me time, yeah when its yourself, you.

I did the same thing with I Can't Wait but with the 2nd-5th words.

A got had had.
Corner home,
80s you in late jeans on Memphis last.

Amazing work hiding these profound things in the lyrics!

To Geoff Smith
I found your secret message from the first verse of Get Up Billy I took every 2nd, 3rd, & 4th word beginning the cycle over at the 6th word skipping the last four of the fourth & got your amazing message!

A where freeze.
The you, his star one.
This schoolhouse, the these streets & name wars.
Look is in buses kids, they're me.

To Scary Smile Man
Wow! I found your amazing cryptic art that you hid in the 576 Square pixels from the bottom left corner of your last 5 mobile uploads (as of 8/8/13 3:33PM EST) that was meant to be placed together.

Cool work dude!

To Ryan Munson
I found your secret message hidden as the 2nd word of each of your last 5 status messages in reverse chronological order.

"Rides gang really selling! Believe!"

I do.. Now!

I know sometimes we can't always say what we really feel so we hide our feelings in anagrams of what we do say. & I just want to thank you for saying this in the second half of your last sentence, "Deep, Wept Rough, kook."

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