Wednesday, October 9, 2013

MARS Taglines

I like to take the song titles from my albums & make some poetry or a story from them as a "tagline" for the album.

There was almost a purpose but it robbed my rest. I'm not at home. I'm here affected by empty effects.  ~Norvon Mac

Smothered by survival with pleasure that never knocks. Love is not idle but we're all in the garage.  ~Food Dood

There is nothing to remember & we will help you get up. We'll keep you warm in December & loved for the rest of your life.  ~Zer- Cred--

Anywhere or alone, I have it all, I have a home.  ~Prodigious in Paltry

I want what you want yet I don't know. I fight & I scrape feeling dark & alone. But there you are freeing me & filling me up because I found what you wanted. You simply wanted me.  ~Mirroring Wishes

I could hear how my brain handles morning light.  ~A.M. Rang a Song

To save time I only looked at me then I grew my mind & was set free. The packers & gardeners could not let me go ungroomed. I wanted them out of my ear so they lost root. Now I am free to live while resting complete. A whole new language is opened up to me. You won't make me into a goat again. I am a warrior who doesn't need to win.  ~Wonbex Ider

Through the barren I found what I could be. Beautiful lights shining on & from me. I heard blue explode & drift away. But still they were searching as if it persisted to the day.

Making it impossible is the easiest thing. Fear will depress you & grate on your brain. They couldn't get started. They aren't enjoying the good they deserve. For them it is sadder than sunset in a wilderness world.

The cuffs stay on for all of their lives. You have to erase your heaven's eyes. I wish you were all riding with me in this amazing place but your self-imposed night is always ready to lay waste. Some day you will know what it was really about. When the credits are rolling just don't walk out.
  ~When Blue Blew

If you look at the song titles on When Blue Blew each paragraph is for a side of the album (1st one for dry side, 2nd for wet side, 3rd for out side). So I took the titles that were only meant to describe the sounds of the songs & somehow they magically can turn into a story. It is almost eerie writing it out because of how much unintentional sense is there to be made.

Check out the MARS website to listen to & download these albums & more.

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