Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Star & Micey's of Other Dimensions

The truth of life is that in every alternate dimension the only thing different is that proper nouns are all anagrams of each other. I've been to 45 alternate dimensions & Star & Micey has a different name in each one. Here are my favorite ones. Note this is with "and" spelled out & not as &, Ampersands are the enemy of extra-galaxian-phonospheric-talmadge. If you thought Star & Micey's name was silly in this dimension check out these hilarious alternate reality names they DO have.

Dramatic Yens
Daycare Mints
Marinade Cyst
Dairyman Sect
Yardman Cites
Cards Anytime
Amnesic Tardy
Semantic Yard
Scream Dainty
Ancestry Maid
Carneys Admit
Narc Daytimes (as in narcoleptic, I know because I asked Job Cos Shy, Heft Fig Oms, & Doc Nerd Mink)
Scant Midyear
Cyan Readmits (Pronounced Red mitts)
Sac Dynamiter
Cat's Dairymen
A Card's Enmity
A Mantis' Cyder
Maniac Ed's Try
My Dance Stair (My favorite)

Cayman Stride
Arcades Minty
Canary Misted
Tradesman Icy
Syndicate Arm
Cyanide Trams
Decay Martins
Dancers Amity
Dynamic Rates
Rancid Steamy
Miscreant Day
Stance Myriad
Antics Dreamy
Scanty Admire
Can't Midyears
A Dynastic Rem
Canard Ye Smit
Dry Satan Mice
Aced My Trains
A Candy Remits (A C&y Remits)
A Sandy Metric
AM Stridency A
Mandate Cry Is..

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