Thursday, May 12, 2016

Food as clothing and accessories, Worse to do while completely underwater, Reasons cobras hate lemons

Food as clothing and accessories
• Gutted fish fanny pack
• Onion goggles
• Spaghetti chain mail
• Mini-Stack of Pringles in place of a watch
• Creamed corn foundation
• Half watermelon shoes
• Grapefruit elbow pads
• Chocolate thong

Worse to do while completely underwater
• Blowing up or playing with balloons
   They keep floating to the top & you keep drowning
• Chopping wood
• Changing a tire
• Putting on lotion
• Conference calling
• Cooking soup
• Cracking eggs
• Walking your dog

Reasons cobras hate lemons
• Cobras are carnivorous.
• I keep throwing lemons at them, stupid cobras

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