Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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The answer in short is yes,  in slightly less short is yeah, in medium is indeed.

Does your middle name get jealous of your first name?
M D: I'm more of a sausage person than a bacon person.
MAR:  I look more sausagy than bacony too, rounded forearms & all.  

People think it is silly when I say, "Back in my day.." yet they have no problem asking "How was your day?"
You're the reason I think I had a day!

This is the end of the day's trail for the old sandusky spike cruller.
I rank my day as somewhere between a kaleidoscope of only oranges & a ziplock bag of water, like 6/7ths full. 
1:  How did you sleep?
2:  Horizontally

Shut up = |up|

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