Thursday, July 23, 2015

+=- Strange Man with Speaking Feature

I can't afford dark chocolate so I just eat regular chocolate with the lights off.

What is this "ios" I keep hearing about? Is it the cool new way of saying Cheerios?

Kid's Birthday Party Idea:
A Hindenburg themed party where a team of ninja archers blow into to the place to shoot down all the balloons with flaming arrows.

I'm gonna pretend like the space key on my keyboard is some kind of awesome futuristic key that has something to do with outerspace.

When in jail you can read toast with your left hand.

Can someone be bisexist? Bias against both sexes?

Having living animals in your pie is the healthiest way to eat because the sport of it lends vigorous exercise. If you have gorilla pie with living gorilla in it make sure he has a less than 3 day life expectancy or else he'll be too strong for all humans.

I'm a thing that can have words. You read any words today (other than these)?

I think you aight as blue bread ya dig?

You look like you could fit in my hat.

Tell your grandkids to tell their grandkids to expect the package in 6-8 lifetimes.

I knew you'd understand after you indicated that you concurred.

My ghost is my spirit animal.

I'm from the corner of here & now.

Fabric egg caller.
Chicken ghost eggs.

You look young.. enough to have been born in the past 65 million years. What do humans eat now? I gotta keep up appearances.

Rider Drive:  Good luck
MAR:  That's just the kind of luck I needed! How did you know? Are you my bayou bouncing billy goat baton bro?

If only bears were as confident as you, we'd all be dead. Good thing bears are still self-loathing. That is why they sleep so much.

One scratch on the screen & you can't read nil. Sure you can read longer words like kanoodle. But nil with the I & the L, it's hopeless.

L Ren:  -face palm-
MAR:  That would be one creepy hand & so unsanitary.

It is fun for people to have thinks about you in your thoughter.

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