Saturday, July 11, 2015

+=- I'm out of .

[You are my laugh track.]

I hold the world record for most hands. I have a whopping two. But the record is a 7 billion way tie. :'(

I picked up a magazine about "100 people who changed the world." To my disappointment it was mostly gardeners.

I love cracking seriousness with jokes.

So the point of these new smart watches is now when you have to put down your phone to hug someone you can keep your addiction going by looking at the watch behind their back? If not that is a good marketing idea. You can hug while discretely reading this very post.

I think cows & pigs & chickens are ruining the planet by being so tasty & thus making us fat. They evolved tastiness so they could survive by us breeding them. They didn't much fancy being hugged like dogs & cats do. It is actually meat eaters that have prevented these animals from going extinct.

Meowkaiser:  ikr?
MAR:  i don't know if you know

Does LoL stand for soccer?

don't be a pacifist, pass dat fist!

I'm like an American Hero because I use the bathroom just like they do.

MAR:  How many Irish sunsets have you seen while in a cave?
Kangi Andrew:  None you?
MAR:  None unless sleeping with your eyes open counts, then thirty-six-thousand. Oh sorry I'm thinking sunrises, of course I don't go to bed before sun sun sun.

pecans are apples for sailors?

Roman wants answers from Wyatt? That's like asking for a good comparative analogy from me.

I don't need to get used to. I've already got used to & right now.

Since June of last week

Stroons kick cactus nickels!

I'd like to punch the internet in it's wifi because that wouldn't hurt my hand!

MAR:  It would be a real surprise if someone literally "threw a surprise party" from like a giant catapult or something.
Lori:  And what would a thrown surprise party look like? U know so I can be on the lookout
MAR:  People & streamers falling from the sky but balloons falling up into the sky.

an arch of rebel wings?

Hunkering around

Time before eyelids

The twist ending is love.

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