Wednesday, April 13, 2016

+=- Just in time for too late..

Hello rotisserie pig

"Let me lay down & fight" - Melody Joy, age 3

I'm so lazy I never say, "You're Welcome" because I feel like it would be dishonest to make people think they are welcome to my help again.

Pro:  I'm pro pro.
Apro:  I think things should be done for free.

2+2=4 but so does 3+1. And what if you pour buttery buffalo pesto all over the 4? It's still a four but now, if it were on a spacecraft (in space) some of the pesto might float off of it dramatically. Oooh the space rats, Daffodil & Wigsmatort will be surprised when they taste its firey flavour.

My influence compares to the darkest depths of the oceans.

Why would you be a rapper when you could be the candybar instead?

How many numbers are in 1? If you said 1, you're wrong, because there are infinite zeroes in 1.

You look like you need less cabbage in your life. You can time potato yellowing?

I've eaten shark or was that the other way around?


Oh I mind & I tum too.

"It's like everyone else is a salt water fish & I'm a tarragon fish." He said happily.

I do have a very forgettable face, said no one, because they had already forgotten it before they could speak.

The real question is who would win a fight between Robin & Jimmy Olson.

Whoever has the colloquial idiolect to impress me with their lexiconical vernacular is ok in my papery thing with lots of papers in a harder paper.

I am a good man, I only play people the world's regularest sized violin.

I wish I was still an ape. Dumb scientists testing that shampoo on me!

A pile of oats reaches just as many coils as a trudge in mellow yellow.

I like to borrow tacos & just use the lettuce for cobb salads.

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