Friday, July 28, 2017

+=- Reverse infection cures everything.

Translucent bygones. Reverse infection cures everything. I land on the ground & ground on the land. Subsequent planks lead into the ocean to the even loster city of Buboua. It was named after the only sound you could make underwater. Ostricarian colony has TVs in the irrigation canals. Come across the weeping wonder. Deliberately broken sockets keep the hallways dark. Convection oven backpack with toaster oven purse. Tiny slices of corpulent astroaleviations. Can a can can a can? Think smaller. No tie under the collar. A clip on means you can't commit.. to learning it. If the corn cob is hollow how can the kernels stay in place? Reshape it to make a face. Exaggerating lies, clodhop gossip challenge. No waste of paper, ones & zeros or a lot of tens. Nights & lines for frosted giveaways. Smoke completes carrot meal.

A never ending shadow fell on me & I can never walk away.
I am rubber. Whatever I say bounces off your ears, so no one can ever hear me.
I'm like an umbrella in the desert, I should be a parasol.

Working toaster in the freezer. Why stop at chocolate fountains, chocolate fire-hoses can turn anything chocolate? Who challenges buns to lonely walks on the beach? Fuming thunder loops pile into an acrobat car. Clown contortionists can fit into an even smaller car.

Chewing bubbles. Planes mix with cherry flavored coffins as cough drops for monster moles. Underground skyline evening cheers.

Don't imagine loudly, think whispers. Thundering frequency increases. Superpower to zip between raindrops & change their colors on the way down. The remix takes the bells. Underwater cacti skewering lémóns making lémónade with bamboo straws & scuba honey bees. My mind mauls meandering minnows in malls. Unclubbed grocery sacks of water delivered to the shores of thirst. No one knows what makes a moment last.

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