Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Piemerica's Advice Oven Returns!- bel bel, Rulered, What do you think? No, REALLY, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

bel bel
A probability question!? -g.march1

A question like that is likely given today's grammatical ineptitude. I, myself, am a grammar rebel. So much sew I refuse to learn the grammar of any language butt english. I hate words so much that I can't even Finnish this sentence... Girl you should have scene what I would have rote. It was going to b ... And what I would have wrote in the seconds sentence oh it was like a... ...back then grammar was pooshed by gramma. Old ladys loose wait so the gram was named after them butt four those future grammas the gram was named bee four them. I don't know what a bel is but I'm what happends when a bel happends twyce. A grammar rebel.

Will technology rule the world? -Adriana

It already has. Latitude & longitude, mountain heights, sea depth, so much of the world has been ruled using technology databases & calculators. Here is where it gets creepy. Doctors measure our babies, their height & weight, & head size too. They use technologies known as scales & measuring tape. If you ask me ruling rules the world. Oh wait.. did you mean that other meaning of the word rule?

What do you think? No, REALLY, WHAT DO YOU THINK?
Can despair be a thought? -IloveLouisTomlinsonx

Some think so but they think it cheerfully. They don't even need cheerleaders because they are capable of cheering on their own despair. Why would a mule need a rocket? Because he is trying to keep up with the times, the 1960s times. If I was riding a mule on a cliff I'd be happy if he could rocket me away from the rocks I would otherwise fall on. Do you otherwise have other wise questions? If not suspect you are a an umpire. Umpires are like vampires but with less va va va & more u u u (pronounced as a grunted 'oo').

If this response causes you despair & you aren't saying, "I'm despaired, I'm despaired," aloud like a teleprinter salesman in 1999 then you are thinking despair with thoughts. Thoughts let you say things in your head, feelings let you say things in your heart, hunger lets you say things in your stum, gas lets you say things in & out of your.. butt. If your mouth lives a tongue be thankful because there are some who have no taste. Like is spelled like lick (using letters) so when someone likes something grappy crappy it is like they are tasting it thus getting an acquired taste for crud. That is why baloney means guff. All of these words can mean nonsense because you don't have a sense of what sucks. Some don't like how bologna tastes so they name it (usually O-S-C-A-R) instead of eating it because they know it will be around a while like a pet unless it is eaten by the pet.

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