Tuesday, May 16, 2017

+=- Jagged cats file oatmeal receipts.

Math mop cleans up spilt letters. Toast flounders like untoast. Giant thermometer spaceship measures the temperature of space.

5 Oceans made of cheese flavored jello

Donate your houseboat to evolved swimming koalas. Tours leave popcorn & tomatoes on the ground. Hacksaw your cold drinks open. Memories for miles, this space has weight.

Stepping-stone has intentions to disrupt the universal sundial. Undisclosed thankfulness recovers. Wool cabinet lounges. Flytrap spouts solutions to fried lawnmowers. And it spread. Nightly ape dog walkers. Fall finds feathers in fountains, all unnatural ingredients. Down all night. Gramophone abyss. Sullen octagonal rescue singing.

Jagged cats file oatmeal receipts. You must kick the right mug for education to appear. Adjoining stays. Second-hand ban. Mountain range collar. Woozy floor has nowhere to fall. Wax umbrella with an overt sound.

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