Tuesday, December 15, 2015

+=- Just in time for now!

MAR:  My therapist says, "I'll be your therapist if you pay me."
MD:  Don't they all?
MAR:  Not the French ones. They speak French.

I’m good at keeping secrets. It's getting secrets I have the problem doing...

When you're reincarnated you can be a dead cat & a living man at the same time. And I unoffensively use the word "man" in the way woodland creatures would use the term while be threatened by deforestation.

Frozen Ghost

I saw your video. I have that same remote! The ransom is set at 5 Gs.

Double Mono

That's what they call in the window business a window.

Unfolded Folder

Opposites matter:
Breaking into someone's house.
Breaking out of someone's house.

Gouda tastes go….. swell.

Live from New York City, Pennsylvania

I have feelings in my appropriate innards.

Nature would love it if we burned down these trees. I'm referring to Cousin Nature, because Mother Nature is all like, "Don't kill the trees!"
When I was a kid we didn't have windows, we could only stare outside by looking under the crack of the door.

YouNow is a video auction site where you can bid on things in people's houses.

I'm just gonna go outside & watch the real star wars. Sucka stars don't ever do anything unless comets are flyin'.

I only use wicker spoons.

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