Friday, August 21, 2015

+=- Lakes in Boxes

What's shakin'?
Yo, what's icedtean'?
Yo, what's cherrylimeaidin?
Hey, what's bottledwaterin'?
What's liptonbriskicedtean'?

I know more about camels than jars of nails do but you don't see me bragging about it more than once.

MAR:  I'm from an alternate dimension
Stranger:  No you're not
MAR:  Not alternate to yours, alternate to someone else's

If I prefer my closets be painted white on the inside does that make me a closet racist?

I graduated when I was 17 because I was smart.. enough to be born at the right time of the year.

I live by the motto:  Don't make up a motto to live by because you'll box yourself in.

Wicker cups

I like to take siestas down short term memory lane.

M D: What do you define as rich?
MAR:  Yachty instead of Yahtzee.

….have a lot of extra dots. Do you want some?………

M D:  Let's talk about how I burned 600 calories at the gym
MAR:  You set fire to a double cheeseburger? My gym doesn't like me setting fires, that why I don't go.
M D:  Ohhh is that why?
MAR:  Well that & it's not there anymore, it burnt down somehow. We had a meat lovers pizza party to celebrate it.

I used to try to get people to catch my drift & they'd always miss. Now I ain't got no drifts left.

I eat twice a year, if a year is 2 days long.

M D:  I'm driving in the rain.
MAR:  I was always the caddy.

I'm some about using subtle word differences. If I were all about it that would be peculiar.
Internet is better for your teeth than candy.

If you could rate your mood on a scale of 1-7 leaving out 4-6 what would it be?
For me, I'd say a wire of unknown metal 3.-3548216

Does not compute or brainpute.

Stranger:  Where are you from?
MAR:  Here or there, depending on where I am at the moment

Did you ever meet the shale oil whisperer of saskawaukee?

Y'know... If I had a fridge for every color in the alphabet I don't know what I'd have.

Transmogrify any corn ice lately?

I don't think I know everything but I do think I know a decent bit about things I care to know. Knowing everything is boring. Knowing something is what's awesome.

I like the star that whispers about hamburger cooking safety in sentient cows ears.

If we used a scale from negative infinity to positive infinity we'd know 0 was in the middle. So, if you asked "How was your day?" & I was judging my day on the -/+ infinity scale & I, without telling you what scale I was using, said "I'd rate my day at a 0" it would sound like the worst to you but would actually be right in the middle.

Howdy, Whichdy, Wheredy, Whody, Whatdy

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